Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vu Hong Bac works with leaders of Thai Nguyen City

In the afternoon of October 05th, at the Office of the Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Vu Hong Bac – Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, had a working meeting with the leaders of Thai Nguyen City to grasp the implementation of some programs and projects that the locality are focusing on.

Briefing of provincial Parties: Solving problems for grassroots level

In the afternoon of October 07th, Mr. Bui Xuan Hoa – Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People's Committee, hosted the briefing conference of the provincial Party committee of the third quarter in 2016. Comrade Tran Quoc To - member of the Party Central Committee, provincial Party Secretary, Head of Provincial Parliament delegation, attended and directed the conference.

Mr. Vu Hong Bac, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of People’s Committee worked with the Mission of the North General Electric Company

This morning (August, 9th), Mr. Vu Hong Bac, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of People, Committee had a working session with a delegation led by Comrade Thieu Kim Quynh, President and CEO of the North Power Company in order to unify content, solve problems about ground clearance of Phu Binh line project and 110 kilovoltes substation; and the progress of the project to provide electricity to villages in Thai Nguyen province.

Announced the construction plan of ATK Revolutionary War Zone

On August 5th, implementating the Decision of the Prime Minister on approving the ATK Revolutionary War Zone, the Ministry of Construction coordinated with the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang Province, organized conferences to announce the revolutionary plan of ATK Construction War Zone.

Nui Coc Lake - a suspended mirror in Thai Nguyen

Nui Coc Lake, which was created from a dam built in Cong river in Dai Tu District, northern Thai Nguyen Province, is well-known for its spectacular and legendary beauty and the romantic love story of a young couple.

​ ​
Thai Nguyen City

Thai Nguyen is known as the political, cultural and socio-economic center of Thai Nguyen province and the Northern VietNam. It has played an important role in the socio-economic development of Thai Nguyen province and the whole northern mountainous provinces due to its convenient location.

Song Cong City

Song Cong city is an administrative division that was officially established under the Government’s Decision No 113/ QĐ-HĐB, dated 11/4/1985 (recently upgraded to city)

Pho Yen Town

Pho Yen is a midland town, located in the southern of Thai Nguyen province. Neighboring localities include Tam Dao district ( Vinh Phuc province) to the west Thai Nguyen city, Dai tu district and Song Cong town to the North and Northwest, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) and Phu Binh (Thai Nguyen) to the East and Northeast, Dai Tu district to the west, Soc Son district (Hanoi city) to the south

Phu Binh District

Phu Binh is a midland district, located in the southeast of the province. Its municipal district is at Uc Son town, 28km far from Thai Nguyen city (along Highway No 37 ). Phu Binh borders Yen The district to the east, Hiep Hoa district ( Bac Giang ) to the south, Dong Hy district to the north and northwest and Pho Yen district to the west and south west

Phu Luong District

Phu Luong is a mountainous district in the north of Thai Nguyen province, sharing border with Cho Moi district (Bac Can province) to the nort, Thai Nguyen city to the south and southeast, Dinh Hoa district to the west, Dai Tu district to the southwest, Dong Hy district to the east.

Vo Nhai District

Vo Nhai is a mountainous district in the northeastern part of Thai Nguyen province Vo Nhai borders Bac Son district ( Lang Son province) to the East, Dong Hi district and Phu Luong district ( Thai Nguyen province) to the west; Dong Hi district( Thai Nguyen province ) and Yen The district ( Bac Giang province) to the south and Na Ri (Bac Can province) to the north.

Dinh Hoa District

Dinh Hoa is a mountainous district, located in the northwest of Thai Nguyen Province. It is also known for a special national relic called Dinh Hoa safety zone.

Dai Tu District

Dai Tu is a mountainous district in the northwest of Thai Nguyen Province, 25 km from Thai Nguyen city, bordering Dinh Hoa district to the north, Pho Yen district and Thai Nguyen city to the south, Phu Luong district to the east, and Tuyen Quang province and Phu Tho province to the northwest and southeast.

Dong Hy District

Dong Hy is a mountainous district northeastern of Thai Nguyen province. Its municipal district rests in Chua Hang town, 3km northeast from the center of Thai Nguyen city. Dong Hy district borders Vo Nhai District and Bac Can district to the north; Thai Nguyen city and Phu Binh district to the south, Bac Giang Province to the east, Phu Luong district and Thai Nguyen city to the west Natural boundary separating Dong Hy and Thai Nguyen city is Cau river which originates from Cao Ngan commune and meanders to the Thac Huong dam (Huong Thuong commune) in the north- south direction Hang Pagoda is one of the famous landscapes of Thai Nguyen province

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